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10 Amazing Facts About The Vagina (Photos)

Unlike the male organ – the , the is one organ that hasn’t been fully understood by many, even its carriers.

Discovery shows that many owners don’t fully understand the organ themselves and keep finding out new things about it.

Apart from it being a point of sensation and pleasure, it also serves the role of urination and childbirth thereby playing an important role in life creation itself.

Here are some amazing facts you never knew about the .

1. Everyone With A Isn’t A

Research has shown that not all born with vaginas be referred to as a . .

There are certain percentages of “ don’t feel like one. They feel out of place with their body and feel more comfortable with clothes of the opposite . They are mostly referred to as non-binary, crossdresser, transgender.

2. The Hymen Isn’t A Virginity Indicator

Unlike most believes the hymen doesn’t indicate virginity at all times.

According to a study done by the College Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists, a hymen isn’t guaranteed for all and even if you are born with one, it could tear or break from or sports like bicycle riding.

3. Tear During Childbirth Is Normal

It’s fine if your tears during childbirth. In fact, according to research, 79 percent of vaginal deliveries include tearing or incisions.

Good News – The is very resilient as it heals fast due to ample blood supply.

4. The A-Spot Gives More Pleasure

The A-Spot sounds a bit strange to many. Whereas the G-spot is widely acknowledged as the center of pleasure in the . This might not be completely true as the A-spot is said to give more pleasure and greater orgasm than the G-spot.

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In a 1997 research, found it hard to orgasm were said to have reached climax quickly when their A-spot was stimulated.

Location of the A-spot: The A-spot is a little compartment located deeper in the on the belly side of the cervix.

It is stimulated by applying pressure to the top wall of the – the wall closet to the stomach.

5. The Clitoris Is Twice As Sensitive As The

There is a large amount of ignorance surrounding the clitoris. Why is this?
This is because most ’t seem to find it.

The clitoris is an organ shaped like an upside-down flower with a large petal.

It contains about 8000 nerve endings, which is twice the amount found on the .

6. Every Has A Smell

The has a slightly acidic PH of 4 and therefore houses armies of bacteria, which work together to keep the healthy.

The has a natural odor, and these bacterias are the cause of the smell.

Though if you notice a strong odor followed by discharge, you might need to see a doctor.

7. It Is Normal To Get “Wet” Even Without Arousal

It’s common and normal for the to get wet (lubricated for ) even without being in the mood for .

There is a phenomenon known as non-concordance, which occurs when the hormones secrets cervical mucus to the , when they are touched, regardless of arousal (a feeling to have ).

8. The Opens Up When Turned On

Almost as if it has a mind of its own, when aroused, the gets deeper, as the upper portion of the elongates pushing the cervix and uterus slightly deeper into your body to make room for penetration.

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9. Most Don’t Climax From Vaginal Penetration Alone

Research has shown that about 18 percent of females don’t reach orgasm from penetration alone.

10. The Vaginal Is Self-Cleansing

The flushes out dead cells, excess liquid, and bacteria through periodical discharge.


Here is a diagram of the , showing some of the major parts;

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