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33 Common Grammatical Blunders You Must Stop

Bad grammar is everywhere and like it or not, words and grammatical blunders can leave a lasting impression on others.

People often see others who speak badly as unschooled or uncultured.

There are many guidelines for you to follow when writing or speaking, however, one of the best ways to learn correct grammar is to review examples of bad grammar.

1. You’re taking it personal (wrong)

You’re taking it personally (correct)

2. He is matured (wrong)

He is mature (correct)

3. The reason is because (wrong)

The reason is that (correct)

4. Night vigil (wrong)

Vigil (correct)

5. Traveling bag (wrong)

Travel Bag (correct)

6. As at when due (wrong)

As and when due (correct)

7. Be rest assured (wrong)

Rest assured (correct)

8. I’m hearing you (wrong)

I can hear you (correct)

9. My names are (wrong)

My name is (correct)

10. All manners of (wrong)

All manner of (correct)

11. She delivered a baby boy (wrong)

She was delivered of a baby boy (correct)

12. Lacking behind (Wrong)

Lagging behind (correct)

13. Crack your brain (wrong)

Rack your brain (correct)

14. Return it back (wrong)

Return it (correct)

15. Ghana comprises of 10 regions (wrong)

Ghana comprises 10 regions (correct)

Ghana is comprised of 10 regions (correct)

16. Wake keeping (wrong)

Wake keep (wrong)

Wake (correct)

17. Exercise patience (wrong)

Be patient (correct)

18. Barbing saloon (wrong)

Barber shop (correct)

19. I forgot my phone at home (wrong)

I left my phone at home (correct)

20. Borrow me your pen (wrong)

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Lend me your pen (correct)

May I borrow your pen (correct)

21. More grease to your elbow (wrong)

More power to your elbow (correct)

22. Funny enough, I’ve never liked him (wrong)

Funnily enough, I’ve never liked him (correct)

23. My body is scratching me (wrong)

My body itches (correct)

24. Letterhead paper (wrong)

Letterhead (correct)

25. I’m not your mate (wrong)

We’re not mates (correct)

26. You’re mannerless (wrong)

You’re ill-mannered (correct)

27. Horn at the car in front (wrong)

Honk at the car in front (correct)

28. Happy birthday in arrears (wrong)

Happy belated birthday (wrong)

Belated happy birthday (correct)

29. I will sleep at 10pm (wrong)

I will go to bed at 10pm (correct)

30. Just when I thought I have seen it all (wrong)

Just when I thought I had seen it all (correct)

31. First come, First serve (wrong)

First come, First served (correct)

32. I have a running nose (wrong)

I have a runny nose (correct)

33. Working Experience (wrong)

Work Experience (correct)

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