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5 Key Things You Should Know Before Writing Any Blog Post

Since the first blog ever was created in 1994 by Justin Hall, blogs have overtime become one of the biggest information centers of the internet.

In a world where the internet is fastly becoming the major source of information, through websites, blogs, and social media, it shouldn’t be a shocker that blogs remain one of the major tools used in the business, social, and entertainment industry.

A blog is a version of a website that helps to create engagement between a brand and its prospects through contents arranged in form of posts and classes.

There are different categories of blogs, this includes food blog, travel blog, music, fashion, news blog, personal blog and so many more.

Blogs help in the promotion of your market and help to build trust between your brand and your audience. This is why you need to pay attention to every blog post you write. To get this trust or engagement from your prospects these are the things you need to do first.

1. Give Time To Planning

Even if you can type faster than a cheetah at top speed the whole process of writing a blog post always takes more than a couple of hours.

Everything without a plan crumbles. Even more, so is a blog post. By choosing a topic, developing an overview, conducting research, and checking facts you can create blog posts that stand out and gives your post a better ranking on than just any other post.

2. Characterize Your Audience

When composing your blog post, another crucial step you need to take is to describe the people about whom you are writing the article. Are they students or business owners? Working-class or Jobseekers? In what language do they communicate? All of these are important because they shape the composition according to the needs of the people. By defining or characterizing your audience you can meet their needs and access their pain points.

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3. Use Catchy And Short Headlines

There are two main approaches to writing headlines for blog posts. Before you write the rest of your article, you can either settle on your final headline and use your headline to organize your outline or you can write your blog post with a working title and see what suits you when you’re finished.

With that being said you should note that one of the most important elements of your blog post is your headlines. If you do not learn how to make enticing and exclusive headlines, nobody will read your story. gives no ranking to posts on the same search engine result page with the same headline.

Headlines that are too lengthy also tend to wear the reader out and make them lose their focus on the topic. A standard headline should not be more than 12 – 15 words.

4. Optimize Your Post

The first step to optimizing your post is the research of your keywords. Blog posts are to be written in a way that it’s well suited for search engines and readers’ interaction. To know the words people are using to search for that topic on the search engine, you can do proper keyword analysis. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you know what the search engine is looking for. Instead, try them out.

Insert your intended keyword or main sentence in the headlines, body, and conclusion of the post. Keep your URL as short as possible by using a strong meta description to enhance a high ranking.

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5. Make Use Of Graphics And Photos In Your Post

An entirely different species is writing for the web than writing for the paper. Sometimes, without any visual stimuli, people just don’t have the patience, will, or capacity to concentrate on long blog posts. Even a well-formatted text-only blog post is likely to send your reader back to Reddit or Twitter screaming within minutes, which is why it is so crucial to include pictures in your posts.

One of the most significant reasons for including photos in your blog posts is to break up the text. Images help your blog post flow more effectively. To make a post less boring and attractive, the display of different photos in the copy is strongly advised.


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