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6 Mistakes You Make That Makes Your Day Unproductive

When last did you have a really awful day? Like, nothing seem to be going on as expected. The whole seem to be converging against you and you are left angry and furious at the end of the day. Worse still, you were only able to complete just very few of what you had set out to do at the beginning of day Could it be that there are forces that are acting against or could it be that there are things wrong with ? In , none of these assumptions are true. However, we sometimes are the architects of our problems. We are the ones that let our days slip past and run aground. Our vessels cease floating and gets stuck because we fail to direct and navigate it properly.


What causes unproductive, regrettable days?

What could possibly be responsible for not reaching our targets and having that productive day we so long for? At what point does our day take such a negative turn that we don’t seem to have any control over? Let Consider some of the roles we play in engineering the derailing of our days.

1. Lack Of Adequate Planning 

The key to everything successful is proper planning. No achievement will be gotten by chance or magically. We ’t just be acting randomly and expect everything to fall into place. If we wish for something we have to work for and towards it. Scattered thoughts lead nowhere. Many embark on their day without cogent plan of their activities. Some wake up not knowing what to do and when it should be done. Not that there are no things requiring attention only that there are no clear strategies. Everything is in a cloud and this lack of clarity leads to confusion of many other negative outcomes. At the end of the day we cannot point to one particular tasks that we have effectively completed.

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2. Lack Of Efficient Action

The trend continues that once we haven’t worked out a sequence of event and a schedule, it is rather difficult to channel efforts efficiently. To act properly, one must know what to act on. It is just like a does not get a direct command or does not rightly understand what the command is. Such is bound to be reluctant to take action and is liable to take a very wrong action if at all. It is actions and activities that bring about results. However, not all actions or activities result in intended outcome. It is only when actions are properly organized and executed efficiently that results start coming. Therefore not taking efficient and potent action is a sure guarantee that our day will end up being very disappointing.





3. Procrastination

Well, I would have loved to skip this cliché, but due to it’s aptness, it cannot be overlooked. Procrastination is most truly the thief of time. This is not just some random statement but an age long truth. As a matter of fact, I have been a sorry victim of this concept. If you want to be honest, you will also notice that many at times, procrastination has stolen some really valuable time from . There will never be enough time for to do what we have to do. Surely, time waits for now one. In , we all have very limited time. At any point we refuse to squeeze out time and do as much as we possibly with the time, we lose and asset we may never be able to recover. Time cannot be synthesized, once lost, it is gone forever. We actually turn out surprised how the whole day went past without even noticing, without accomplishing anything. When in fact, we had virtually wasted the whole 24 hours doing nothing. We get enraged and frustrated when this happen but it doesn’t help.

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4.Starting On The Wrong Foot

Prioritizing be a crucial ingredient in spicing up our days. It also be a militating factor against having a successful day. This singular issue have lead to experience many awful days. No matter the justification we might want to give, none will suffice for starting our days with activities that do no catalyse and energize for the rest of day. We all know those things that drain our fuel and empties our strength. Having a fight with our friends or partners for instance, skipping breakfast and similar actions that do not position our minds positively, are elements that compound our woes. If we take this path of defective initiative early in our days, we are practically, laying plans to ruin the whole day for ourselves.



5.Internalizing Negative Emotions

There are times when we have decided to plan and arrange our days properly. Yet, we keep rehearsing the annoying events of the past days. We suspend favourable thought processes and decide to deal with these negative ones thereby loosing initiative and in the process. Also, at other times, after we have set about our day with great vigor and drive, something happens that makes alter all our initial structuring and adopt a totally different approach. Maybe a negative comment by a loved one, a talk down by our boss, a poor remark on our effort, an unattractive news item and similar stuff, completely derange from our initial disposition. We drop all our beautiful plans and decide to act on the contrary. This is mortgaging our splendid day for an awful one.

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6.Pursuing Fantasies Without Considering Realities

In making forecasts and estimations, it is wise that we don’t merely project our fantasies but we duly consider the obvious realities. At any time this happens, we are bound to be very unhappy at the end of the day as we may not realise many of our plans. We all have some wishful thoughts and idealistic projections, however letting this get in the way of logical and rational decision making is a credible way to jeopardize our day in entirety.

Though we may not totally be in control of events and happenings during the day, our failure to play our part and do our is a major contributing factor to our frustration at the end of the day. Hopefully, avoiding the stated acts and every other negative will be helpful in inspiring a functional day and reducing the occurrence of awful days for ourselves.

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