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8 Things You Need To Start Doing If You Desire A Career In Music

There has never been a precise route to success, there has only been a pattern of success (starting from the bottom till you get all the way to the top). I’ve chosen to write about the few things most people aiming for the top leave out, and wonder why they can’t climb higher or why they don’t stay at the top for long.

Although, some of the points in this article are applicable to diverse areas of life, I’ll keep the focus on chasing a career in . I’m writing this hoping someone who has probably being lacking the cutting edge their careers needs and navigates here to read this piece, finds the motivation to get back to the drawing board and get things right. This is a very short piece for readers with just enough points to turn your struggles into success.

I’ve made a concise list of few things you should consider on your journey to the peak of your musical career below:

1. Pick a drive: A drive is what pushes you to never give up on your dreams and aspirations. Lots of people make the mistake of placing their drive in material things, never make your drive about material things or situations surrounding you. If your drive for instance is probably because you’re broke, when you finally get all the money and material things you always wanted, what drives you? Then everything you’ve struggled to build starts crumbling because your drive has died out. Situations and material things can be a second drive but let your love and passion for what you do take the front seat.

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2. Play around your strengths: This involves picking a niche you’ve mastered and can do without breaking a sweat. or would never be afraid to execute a song with a very high pitch because it’s just what they are good at and it really brings out the beauty in their and places them in a category where everyone knows they are one of the few ones with that vocal ability or strength. Your strength are what makes you unique, so you have to find it and use it to your advantage.

3. Place priority on connection: Surround yourself with people in your chosen field. Never be a lone ranger because is a competition based sport that keeps evolving, you need to get hooked on the latest updates. Meet up with people that can provide opportunities for you to actualize your dreams. Base your network around people that push you to reach your potentials.

4. Push for Perfection: Never be satisfied. Go over whatever you are releasing to the public again and again. Make sure wherever your content gets to, the quality speaks for itself. For instance what most top artistes do when making an album is they record lots of songs then go over them again and again and select the ones that are very close to perfect, which makes it easy for them to put the best things out there.

5. Pay attention to feedbacks: would always come with both positive and negative feedbacks. In analyzing feedbacks you have to realize that an external opinion matters far more than your inner circle’s opinion. I know this might be quite hard to accept but you need to place importance on the negative comments and see if they’re true or not, and see if it aligns with your plans.

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6. Put in your feelings and be confident: Let your listeners get the message in your song, let them feel the pain, love, and vibe. Let them feel every line and absorb whatever message you have for them. Listening to artistes who do this often could be helpful, examples are , , , , , . This also has a psychological effect on your fans; it makes them love you because they feel they can relate to the pain or contents you put out.

7. Picture the future: Project an image of the things you aspire to be within a certain space of time and pursue them. Choosing the model of an already established artiste could go a long way in keeping you in check and give you the desire to go harder. While choosing a model make sure the model has a story and background you are familiar with.

8. PR: I chose to speak about this lastly because of its importance. Public Relations is the practice of managing the spread of information between you and the public. If you’ve a top-notch PR game in no time you will have a very large fan base. Getting a good PR sometimes involves lots of money that worth’s it in the end. Learn to play your PR game and you’ll see the magic.

Ultimately, you need to understand knowing or reading this piece of advice would never be enough , go out there and put it into practice and see yourself blaze ahead of your peers.
Also, you might help to forward to as many people out there who needs to read this to get the spark missing, I believe the sky is big enough for all our artistes to fly with the right guide. See you at the top.

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