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B-Red Claims Not To Be Jealous Of Davido

, has said he does not envy his cousin, , stating that he doesn’t hate the singer for his success.

Speaking in a recent interview, revealed that he is happy about his brother’s success, adding that it also rubs off on him.

“A record company will always push one artiste before others and was the first on the list. He is my family member and I don’t hate him.

“I am happy he is successful and a big artiste in Africa because his success rubs off on me too. It is normal for people to always compare artistes, but it is left for you to ignore that. It is just music and everyone can be at the top at the same time. I don’t care about what people say; I just make music.

“I am not where I would love to be but I am in a better place compared to where I was five years ago. I started music as ’s hype man and I travelled around the world with him. That was how I built my career and I started singing from there.”

According to him, when he wanted to give up music, encouraged him not to. He added,

“Since I worked closely with , I also saw how struggled when he first came into the industry. That gave me the push too. When people were criticising my music, I didn’t argue with them; I just kept working hard. Now, people show me love.”

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