Babcock University Student Leaks Sex Tape With Fellow Student (18+ Video)

#BBNaija: Biggie Under Attack For Issuing Strike To Ike And Exempting Seyi


organizers have come under attack for issuing strike to housemate, .
on Monday night issued another strike to for attempting to attack a fellow housemate, .
’s judgement has since been criticized by Nigerians for his failure to issue a strike for provoking .
We reported that issued a strike for provoking to violence.

fans took to their social media to vent their anger over ’s strike, stating that the reality show has been biased.
Some accused of being partial and in favour of .

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Idybongay “So that used abusive Yoruba words nko without interpreting goes free without a strike. hmmmm, you are partial.”

@Afrochic “ shoved , provoked , hit , : 1 strike
provoked , : 1 strike, provoked gave him 1 strike
provoked but nothing from , , you’re a FRAUD.”

@Xameicce “Dear ,in my honest opinion deserves atleast two strikes , I feel hates ,two strikes is bullshit! deserves a strike for cursing ’s late brother.”

@Pat7alfred “I disagree with on the last one, aggrieved was seated outside and came out attacking him. How’s that not provocation.”

@Kaykay “It’s obvious is playing games. gets 1 Strike for multiple fightings and altercations with HMs. gets none for cursing ’s late bro, provoking .”

@Davechuks_008 “I’m sure is related to , same guy that was disqualified from participating in the veto power game and was later pardoned. Same guy won HOH even when it was clear someone else did better than him. Nigga is ’s favourite well done o.”

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@Ogabossman “Why should Only get that strike, should have benefited from it too because he provoked him and also insulted him using Tribal language.”

@Mitchel_Chris “Dear , since you like people who curse and insult, may you be cursed too.How about ’s constant use of Yoruba in cursing?How about ’s constant abuses to , slapping cigarettes from , throwing issues at . She deserved 5 strikes but, f**k you.

@Tuneisfavoured “ you’ve just shown you have zero entertainment skills. How dare you issue a second strike and look past what Tasha and did?No wonder people want the show shutdown.”

@Kgomotso_tau “, gets a strike for what exactly?Why did you avoid to show video for cursing ’s family? Where’s the video of claiming Niger boys will run down ? Is this show bias?Are you running a scam na? Where is consistency? we need answers.”

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