Big Bamzz Naija Week 2 Eviction Voting

“Buhari Set To Take Actions On SARS Brutality Soon” – Presidential Aide

The aide to the , Bashir Ahmad has revealed that has been briefed about the #EndSARS protest and will take action about it soon.

Bashir Ahmad took to his handle to disclose the news. He also stated that every has the right to protest and that the will take action soon on the brutality of in the country. He tweeted;

Good people of Nigeria have every right to protest the brutality or anything they see is not going on well.

The was briefed yesterday by the IG of , I am very sure action will be taken and in the best interest of Nigerians. EndSARSProtests.

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34 Responses

  1. Abdulsomad says:

    We anticipate that

  2. Oluwadamilola says:


  3. Bolu says:

    Not soon ooo he should end it now

  4. Phaevoh says:

    Na since this man dey set to take actions

  5. His Anointed says:

    Na scam… Omo see brother…

  6. akanni peter says:

    I pray so

  7. Free2threads says:

    I pray ooo

  8. Richarlison says:


  9. Louis says:

    Thank God

  10. Promise says:

    Very grateful

  11. aloura says:

    I hope he does

  12. DannyYhoung says:

    When will he take the step?

  13. Kayflex says:

    Soon wéré wò, now!

  14. Fidelis says:

    Pls be quick with that

  15. Fejiro says:

    Do something ooo

  16. Enerieta says:

    Its okay pls do

  17. Okoro Samuel says:

    Good one

  18. Wale says:

    Do it now o

  19. drot says:

    we are getting started

  20. Davins says:

    End them now oo

  21. Daniel Atiogbe says:

    They should approach this with wisdom

  22. Omotuolase says:

    Baba it’s getting late you have to be fast about it

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