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Categories Of People You See On Twitter

is a market place, maybe worse than the normal market place because this time around, those you want to interact with and those you do not intend to are all gathered in one place, waiting in a corner like a thief in the night, ready to devour you.

Below are the different types of people and groups you will find on :

The laugh masters
No comment, no trouble! The only thing these sets of people do is comment “lol” and “lmao”. They do not have the capacity to argue with anybody. Why get in trouble when you can just laugh it out anyways! When they are not laughing, they are just retweeting and minding the business that pays them.

The love gurus
These ones come online, drop some hot takes about relationship, and go off. Now, what you choose to do with the advice is left to you. If they are not dropping relationship gems, they are discussing some relationships that went south and what the couples should have done. Half of the time, they are single or in toxic relationships themselves. Who cares? It is just .

The follow back trains
Whether it is a news site, a blog, or a religious page, all they do is “I will follow anyone who likes this comment”. When you comment on how insensitive their comments are, they will beg people to like your comment so they can follow who likes the comment. We all have goals, theirs is to have lots of followers and become influencers someday. It was more amusing when dropped numbers and the comment section was filled with the follow back trains. Any sacrifice to get to the end result.

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The Menascum
These ones shout men are scum on any post they come across. Once you are a man and you are happy, you must be scum. How dare you laugh when the world is perishing, who gave you that permission? They make every tweet about men and women travesty. When you try to ferret out their myopic views about the world and relationships at large, you will be in trouble.

The -when
“Hi…. Anon just purchased a shoe for you”, these ones are in the comment section shouting when. Every single relationship post, they are shouting when. That is all their tweets and retweets, it is okay to aspire to require what you want to acquire, that is their mantra and the origin behind their when. Someday, someone will see their cry and hearken to their innermost requests.

The cat-fish
Every single day, it is another beautiful ladies’ picture. They must have pictures of different girls in their photo gallery, the more money a picture brings, the often it is posted. They are always new to and will always require your follow back.

The intellectuals
Please and please, if you know you are not smart enough or not well-grounded in a particular field, please do not join. They will intellectually insult you, and then block you. The football , political , and Ph.D. are in this group. You might move from “Arsenal is the best club” to “You must be mentally deranged” in a few seconds. The thicker your skin, the longer you last in this group.

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The smart-mouths
It is these ones you see their screenshots on . Just say something silly or not, they are ready to come for you with a comeback you can only laugh to, no matter how hurt you are. Trust me, they have mastered all come-backs and are ready at every point to give you the befitting replies.

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