[Comedy] Uncle Teejay – Don Jazzy’s Wedding

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Ways To Appreciate Yourself More

When words of appreciation are said to people, there is a satisfaction that comes with it, an urge to do more and be the best in what they have been appreciated about. This is...


Signs That You Might Be A Perfectionist

Perfectionism is a personality trait that presents in a person striving for flawlessness and setting extremely high standards for themselves. This is often accompanied by extreme self-critiques and the search for feedback from others....


Tips On Choosing A First Date Outfit

Dressing up for a first date can be nerve-racking considering you want to impress without looking like you are trying too hard. So you are meeting that guy your friend introduced you to, or...


Ways To Make Your Dating Excellent

Dating is one of the beautiful things in a relationship, however, these days, people have different ulterior motives which makes it difficult to fall in love. So many people have been single for so...


How Coca-Cola Rose To Fame

Coca-Cola popularly referred to as coke became the drink of the century not just overnight. Research shows that the white and red logo is recognized by at least 94 percent of the world’s population....


Types Of Cuddle To Help Distress

Work and life, in general, maybe stressful and you constantly look for ways to destress. You constantly look for activities that help to reduce stress and make life more fun and enjoyable. One activity...