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How To Fuck A Girl On First Date 36

How To Fuck A Girl On First Date

In fact, in our minds, we have already slept with the girl several before even shaking hands. However, if wishes were horses. Not every guy gets laid on a first date. In fact, so...


5 Reasons Women Hate Condoms

Even though Men are generally known to hate wearing these rubbers, Women actually hate them too and it seems Women even hate them more than Men, just that they are not very vocal about...


33 Common Grammatical Blunders You Must Stop

Bad English grammar is everywhere and like it or not, words and English grammatical blunders can leave a lasting impression on others. People often see others who speak badly as unschooled or uncultured. There...


Code For MTN 2.5GB For ₦500

Going to go straight to the point as there’s no time for too many talks, all you just require for this to work are: A working MTN SIM card MyMTN App ₦500 MTN airtime...