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China Announces Emergency Concerning Plague Known As The Black Death

An emergency has been declared by concerning a plague known as the Black Death.

The Bubonic plague also known Black Death became a health emergency after a 3-year-old boy from a remote village in Menghai county, Yunnan, was confirmed to be infected by the killer disease on Monday according to state media reports.

The plague is a deadly bacterial disease borne by fleas living on wild rodents which causes the lymph nodes to swell and portrays symptoms such as fever, vomiting and chills. It has the capacity of killing a full-grown adult in less than 24 hours if not treated as it could spread to the blood and lungs.

After the discovery of three dead infected rats in a village in Menghai, and 22 reported cases, six of which have been confirmed in Mongolia, the authorities have now started a level IV emergency response to prevent another epidemic following the outbreak.

One of the cases of the plague was a 25-year-old was reportedly hospitalised with the disease after eating an infected rodent called a marmot.

Three of the six confirmed cases have died in Mongolia – most recently a 38-year-old in Khovsgol province earlier this month.

The hunting of mamort is illegal in Mongolia but some consider it a special delicacy.

According to the Bubonic Plague is an epidemic recorded to have killed up to 200 million people in the 14 century. It reportedly struck and in the 13th century killing more than 20 million people in almost one-third of the continent’s population between 1347-1352.

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  1. Abdulsomad says:

    Oh Lord heal the world

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    Heal the world
    God pls heal the worls

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    Not again
    These people should not let it spread as covid did n got out of hand
    God will protect us all

  4. Richarlison says:

    End time is near

  5. Jayford says:

    This people should keep this shiit to themselves ohh

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    God save us

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    Another wahala

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    This year is going from worse to worst

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    Na wahala oh…China again

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    China needs to be flogged , seriously

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    On God

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    God help us

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    Na wa o

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    Let be guided ohhh, China really need to give themselves sense ohhh. We’re still battling Corona virus

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    God will saves us

  19. wale says:

    WE need God’s intervention

  20. Davins says:

    Hmm emo wor ilu

  21. Davins says:

    Hmm emo wor ilu

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    God please we can not face this wrath

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    Another one

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    God help us

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    God help us

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    Na wa oo God help us oo

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    Na only you waka come

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    Bad things

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    God pls heal the worls

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