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Eat To Glow: 7 Beauty Food That Will Leave Your Skin Glowing

Can what you eat affect your ?

What type of food can you eat to prevent aging, acne, and other types of disorders?

Eating goes beyond just having your stomach filled or pleasure. Food is one of what makes up your outward look and appearance.

Have you heard the common adage, “You are what you eat”
Well, it’s a plain fact!

If you need to look and feel good you simply need to watch your diet.

If you’re reading this I guess you are probably tired of your being a playhouse to acne(pimples), spots, wrinkles, eczema, dry and flaky , and many others. Using synthetic products in form of lotions, creams, and soap on your doesn’t seem to be helping.

It’s really not that hard. You can have that of your dream- glowing and smooth with just a little discipline of paying attention to what you eat.

Here are some of the common everyday food, you need to include in your diet to help achieve that beautiful you deserve.

1. Lemons

The power of lemons in transformation cannot be over emphasized.


Vitamin C found in lemons may help reduce wrinkling, dry from aging, and damage from the sun.

Lemons contain Ingredients with a high pH level and can help decrease inflammation and oil that may contribute to the formation of acne, and other disorders.

Fun Fact: Lemons can be applied on the face or any other affected part of the affected with spots, to help clear and brighten it . It also has alot of health benefits as it serves as a cure to indigestion, helps with weight loss, prevents kidney stones and cancer.

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2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one diet you should eat often to keep a healthy beautiful .


Collagen Production; As you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to dry and the formation of wrinkles. Collagen is the major component of the and other connective tissues and helps with elasticity, and hydration thereby providing you with youthful and glowing .

* Moisturizing

*Hair Growth

3. Pineapple

This sweet tasty fruit comes with a lot of goodies for your .


Pineapple benefits the by improving digestion, reducing inflammation, and removing toxins from the body. It also helps in the production of collagen.

4. Spinach

Spinach popularly known as Efo in most parts of Nigeria is a commonly consumed leafy green vegetable and one beauty food you shouldn’t miss out on.


*This green leafy vegetable is high in Vitamin A, necessary for growth in and hair.

*Spinach is loaded with Vitamin C necessary for the building and maintenance of collagen

5. Tomatoes

They are more nutritious when eaten raw or slightly cooked. This red yummy fruit contains a lot of befitting nutrients, some of which are;


*Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a potent antioxidant to protect from UV damage.

*It promotes wound healing and soothes  inflammation.

*It stimulates collagen production.

* It helps remove dead cells.

6. Carrots

Carrots are the food to the . This vegetable is high in beta-carotene an active ingredient in Retin-A,


*It decreases ‘s oil production, and there’s also some evidence that it can improve psoriasis- an immune system condition which causes cells to build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches. Some triggers of Psoriasis include infections, stress, and cold.

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7. Dates

Dates are the perfect blood cleansing food. They contain fiber and copper which aids the body to absorb iron and form collagen and red blood cells


*It serves as an antioxidant and allows your body to function normally.

*They aid proper blood circulation which helps the to glow and also assist in improving the texture of your hair to become thick, shiny, and beautiful.


Including all of these in your daily diet will help you to keep a young, smooth and beautiful .

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