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Fact:Your Poop Reveals A lot About Your Health

Have you noticed that when you go for a general test in the hospital, you are usually asked to bring a stool sample?

Well, this is because your poop tells a lot about your well-being.
The stool contains at least 75% water, whereas the rest is a combination of fiber, dead and living bacteria, different cells, and mucus.

A normal poop is usually smooth and soft, elongated, and whole. The texture should be uniform and the poop should be S-shaped.

Although a lot of people find it uncomfortable to talk about their poop, it’s remains of almost importance to know certain aspects of it because it can reveal a lot about one’s health.

Defecation is a crucial bodily function. When there is a change in bowel movements, it may be a consequence of changes in one’s diet; however, it could also be a sign of the body’s fight against an infection, or, a sign of a more serious disease or condition.


Sausage shaped poop with lumps
The diameter is usually between 3 to 5 centimeters and it is common among people who suffer from IBS.
This stool is very difficult to pass and may also cause anal bleeding.

Sausage shaped stool with cracked surface
This type is very similar to the previous one. The main difference is that it is processed faster. Sausage-shaped poop, smooth, and soft-this kind of poop is normal and it’s common among people who defecate once in a day.

Fluffy poop with ragged and torn edges -This stool has a soft texture and it may be a potential sign of high blood pressure and stress.

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Soft blobs of stool with defined edges
This poop is present in people who defecate more than once per day after major meals.

Diarrhea type of stool – this poop is similar to ordinary diarrhea; however, it happens in conjunction with constipation.

Pale brown or white stool – This is common with people that have hepatitis, cirrhosis, or pancreatic disease.

Yellow-colored poop – usually, the poop is yellow when a person has gallbladder issues.

Here are a few easy tips that we suggest to support your gut:

Most adults need to be drinking, at least 2 liters of water each day. This helps to soften the stool and enables the fiber to work properly so that poop can move through your insides and evacuate easily.

A probiotic supplement can help to replenish our friendly gut bacteria and keep our digestive system on track.

Our body needs about two types of fiber in our diet; insoluble fiber that is ‘roughage’ that bulks up our stools and ‘sweeps’ through our insides and soluble fiber that absorbs water and softens the stool. Eating food that are rich in fiber likes beans, avocado, popcorn, can also help with this.

Before the invention of the water closet humans once squatted to void their bowels. This position naturally compresses the bowel walls and assists with gentle pressure to move bowel motions through. While we don’t suggest that pooping in the wild again is by any means a solution, exercise like squats can help, also propping your legs on a small stool under your toilet seat can help to mimic this natural process.

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