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#FeedTheOrphans Set To Storm Nigeria This December

Some of us remember how it went down last year but this year is going to be opening eyes and spreading love. It is going to be more massive. In our interview with the convener Mr here were his words.

Over the years, we have seen people organize birthdays and so many other sort of visitations to orphanages all in the name of philanthropy but to be sincere they only do it to earn cheap points and get popular. That’s not even my pain, must it be used cloths, old wares and wasting items? My pain is that if you want to donate to them, why not do it well? While we eat and merry during , they pray and wish that one person would love and care for them and when people come … booom it is with rags and old wares. All these things reduce and risible them the more. Put yourself in their shoes for crying out loud, so #FeedTheOrphans is not just going to be celebrating with orphans but also opening the eye of citizens in the country to the fact that if you want to help a person or a less privileged, do it the right way. Hence the titles #FeedTheOrphans #TheyAreNotDumpsites
My plan for this program are listed below.

Our Calendar:

NOV 1-15: Publicity for donations of brand new items to orphanages to be circulated during the festivities

NOV 15 – 31: Massive campaign and awareness by the use of graphics, shirts, write ups and hash tags on social media

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DEC 1- 10: Online campaign and awareness against the wrong mode of giving to the less privileged on all social media platforms using pictures,hash tags and relevant agencies in each state.

DEC 11- 20: Donations to the 5 selected orphanages in each state.

For more information: +2347051835332.

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