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Ghana Twitter Embarks On Campaign For Change In Governance

Ghanaians on  have had enough of what they call ‘a broken country’. They have begun a campaign to have the economy fixed.

According to most of the tweets, the change they voted for has not materialized. have cited inconsistent power supply, lack of water in some parts of and the damage to our water bodies.

Currently, the hashtag #FixTheCountry is trending worldwide at number 4. Some tweets contained criticism made by the when they were in power. Others have a collage of the flag and the deplorable state of the country.

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8 Responses

  1. Abdulsomad says:

    We are with you for Good governance

  2. Ayomide says:

    Omo see country

  3. Louis says:

    Nice move

  4. Davins says:

    Their own is even better.

  5. His Anointed says:


  6. Fidelis says:

    It’s okay
    Nice decision taken

  7. Israel says:


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