Man Arrested For Touching Big Breast

“Having Tattoo Or Dreadlocks Doesn’t Make You A Criminal” – Dolapo Badmos

Public Relations Officer, Command, has asked to resist the intimidation of any law enforcement officer who would want to arrest them simply because they have tattoos on their bodies or dreadlock on their head.

Badmus said that whenever anyone was waved down by the , “try to be friendly, identify yourself and be composed’’.

According to her, remain your friend; even when you have tattoo all over your body, that doesn’t make you a criminal.

She said all one needed to do was to express and explain oneself and you would be allowed to go.

Badmus also explained that no officer had the authority or right to search people’s mobile devices.

In a tweet posted on Thursday morning, Dolapo wrote;

”HAVING TATTOO ON YOUR BODY OR DREADLOCKS ON YOUR HEAD DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU A CRIMINAL. Resist the intimidation of any law enforcer who wants to use that as basis to terrorize you by remaining calm,firm, courteous and insisting on not being a criminal for having that.’

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  1. Abdulsomad says:

    It’s good but I partially disagree with his thought

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