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High Profile People In The World Infected With CoronaVirus

In December 2019, announced that a virus by the name had struck its country.

The virus which emanated from Wuhan was said to have come from wild animals. Ever since the virus came alive, it has spread over to six continents in the world apart from Antarctica

The virus has hit over 105 countries worldwide with over a hundred and thirty thousand people confirmed to have caught it which has led to the death of over four thousand people.

One mysterious thing about this virus is, it is one that has come for all, not respecting societal status or affluence/wealth. It finds its potential victims, either rich or poor and it strikes them.

Since the virus broke-out, there have been a lot of high-profile people such as ministers, presidents of countries and even top sports, movie celebrities that have been infected by the virus which the W.H.O named to be Covid-19.

You might not be aware of these people, but checking the list below will keep you informed.

Below Are The High-Profile People In The World That Have Been Infected By

1. Mikel Arteta – FC Coach

After the Game against Olympiakos, the news about Olympiakos owner went viral and that brought about the need for the team to test for .

Unfortunately, the club’s head coach, Mikel Arteta became the only member of the team that tested positive of .

2. Tom Hanks & Wife, Rita Wilson

Popular Hollywood actor and his wife Rita Wilson got in contact with while on a movie shoot in Australia.

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The couple announced their status on Twitter last week.

3. Eshaq Jahangiri – Iran’s Vice President

Iran’s first vice president, Eshaq Jahangiri, has also been infected with the novel , according to a list published by an Iranian publication.

He is one out of a good number of Iran government officials infected with the virus.

4. Callum-hudson Odoi – FC Footballer

Popular FC footballer is part of the first cases of victims in football.

He took to Twitter to declare that he is positive after showing minor symptoms and according to him, he is getting better with the help of medical experts.

5. Rudy Gobert – Utahjazz Basketball Player

He is one of the NBA Players to get diagnosed with the .

Few being tested for the virus, the basketball player declared that he wished he took the pandemic more seriously.

6. Donovan Mitchell – Utahjazz Basketball Player

According to reports, Donovan Mitchell got infected with courtesy his teammate, Rudy Gobert.

While speaking about the virus, he said the scariest thing is that he still doesn’t feel sick after being tested positive.

7. Daniele Rugani – Juventus FC Footballer

Juventus announced that the club Center back, Daniele Rugani tested positive for even when he was not showing symptoms.

This made the club activate isolation procedures for him and every other person that had close contact with him.

8. Sophie Trudeau – Canada Prime Minister’s Wife

A statement issued from the office of Canada Prime Minister’s office revealed that the wife of the PM, Sophie Trudeau got tested positive for after she returned from a trip to London.

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She was quickly placed in isolation alongside and recent reports revealed that the Prime Minister’s wife is feeling well already.

9. Fabio Wajngarten – Brazil Public Official

He is the Press Scretary for the Brazilian President.

He was tested positive for last week Thursday after meeting US President, Donald Trump in Florida.

10. Timo Hubers – Hannover Footballer

After suspecting that he might have contacted , Hannover Defender, Timo Hubers turned himself in for a test.

He tested positive and his club has also confirmed his status. It was suspected that the player contacted the virus at an event he attended at Hildesheim.

11. Evangelos Marinakis – Olympiakos FC Owner

After so many football involvements in the midst of outbreak, Olympiakos FC Owner and Nottingham Forest majority owner informed the world that he is COVID-19 positive.

It was suspected that Manager contacted the virus from Marinakis after the match that saw the Gunners bow out of the Europa League.

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