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How Coca-Cola Rose To Fame

Coca-Cola popularly referred to as coke became the drink of the century not just overnight. Research shows that the white and red logo is recognized by at least 94 percent of the world’s population. This was confirmed by Coca-Cola itself, with a claim of having its name as the second-most understood term in the world right behind “okay”.

I recall a few years ago when a famous Evangelist/missionary said something about Coca-Cola. This very thing he said caught my attention and I began to wonder how this particular beverage attained such position. On that particular Sunday, the missionary, had a very wide range of travel experiences stated a really fact about this drink. He said;

Coca-Cola is readily available in almost every part of the world, even in towns and locations that be referred to as primitive and with no glimpse of civilization. They have heard about Coca-Cola but haven’t heard about Jesus

He explained that rural environments with no source of electrical power ( couldn’t even boast of electricity for a day) have access to a Cola drink.

How did Coca-Cola find its way to such a crude environment? Why is everyone drinking Coca-Cola? What’s the secret recipe? All of these questions will be answered in a few lines from now.

Coca-Cola is available almost everywhere in the world. Probably besides Antartica, the Bermuda triangle and let’s say the ocean. This household drink started by the idea of one and has really come to stay.

In 1892, renowned Atlanta Pharmacist, John S. Pemberton founded the Coca-Cola drink. The name Coca-Cola came into existence by his bookkeeper, Frank Robinson.

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This carbonated beverage drink came from the mixture of cocaine from Coca leaf and extracts of kola nut. These were the major recipes till cocaine was removed from the formula in 1903. It first started as a tonic for treating common aliments then climbed up the ladder to become the drink for everyone.

The big move started as syrup making plants were established in Dallas, , and Philadelphia as the product became sold in every part of the and Canada. Moving quickly up the ladder of is very peculiar with the coke company.

After World War II, Coca-Cola decided to diversify its products. This resulted in the outburst of new products. Drinks like Fanta, -lime, Sprite, Diet Coke came as a result of this diversification. The coke company presently owns 28000 different products. you imagine that! If you keep trying a new beverage of Coca-Cola every day, it will take you over 9 years to try them all. There are so many beverages and soda products you don’t know about that’s owned by Coke. Research shows that 3.1 percent of beverages consumed around the world are Coke products.

Another amazing fact is that Coca-Cola spends more money on ads than Microsoft and combined. In 2010 its was about $2.9 billion with Microsoft and coming behind at $1.6 billion and $691 million. Advertisement is another key factor in Coke’s rise to glory with absolutely no terrifying competitor. At this rate, the beverage company will remain at the top after a hundred years more.

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The second meaning of Coca-Cola should be consistency. The taste and quality never dwindle. The product diversification keeps increasing. An example is the zero sugar coke. Coca-Cola said okay you have diabetes and your doctor has advised you to stop taking things with high sugar contents. Okay here is some coke for you with no sugar. Never had there being that much commitment from a beverage company.

When we look at Coca-Cola we identify three major things that have kept them famous and number one in the world. Its Diversification – expansion of territories, advertisement, and consistency. With these Coca-Cola moved the world and made its self almost omnipotent. What we say! It was well deserved.

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