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How To Get 9GB For ₦1K & 16GB For ₦2K On Airtel

cheap data has been roaming for over a week, and the good news is that it works on all card with no issue if you follow the steps and procedure on this post.

To get 16gb data, it requires a 4G and 4G enabled mobile phone to activate and be enjoyed with other devices once activated.

In this post I am going to teach you how to activate and enjoy this offer, just follow below guidelines.

How to Get 16GB On Your Card
First thing to do is to find out if there’s 4G Coverage in your area.

: Prepaid | Postpaid | 4G
Buy and register 4G (make sure it’s 4G ).

Insert the 4G into your 4G compatible device.

Activate the by recharging with any amount. (100 is enough)
Switch ON your data and ensure that the preferred type option is switched to 4G/ LTE.

Once your device detects 4G you will receive a message which goes like this,

“Welcome to 4G/LTE. You have been credited with a 4G/LTE trial offer of FREE 4GB, dial *140# to check. You will also get 25% Data bonus when you activate data plans from N500 above, for the next 3 months. Bonus data is usable on 4G/LTE only.”

Now Let’s Move to second step on how to accumulate 16gb, Don’t forget we have 4GB already after activating the 4G card.

=>> Go to your messages app, Send GET to 141 Wait for a reply from and Send MIFI to 141. You should receive a bonus congratulation message. (This steps gives you opportunity to get 300% Data Bonus for complete 2 month)

  How To Get Free 500GB, Airtime Worth ₦500K On Airtel

After that, Recharge 1000 or 2000 Airtime on your and Dial *141# then chose the that suit the amount you recharged.

Please Note: Recharging 1k gives you 5GB + 4GB you got after activating your 4G making 9GB all together. Recharging 2k gives you approximately 12GB + 4GB you got after activating your 4G making 16GB all together.

Disclaimer: you ’t receive another 4gb on the same phone again after the first use but you enjoy the 300% bonus which gives you Over 5GB with Just 1000 and 11.5GB with 2000 Which seems to be great.

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