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How To Network As A Micro Influencer

You don’t become an influencer by keeping to yourself or laying low on social media , influencer networking is important if you’re looking to be a social media influencer.

We all know the importance of networking even in our daily lives, so influencer networking is no different from that.

Why should you as a micro influencer on social media?

The answer is easy, to increase your audience, meet brands and make money. Influencer marketing will increase your visibility and credibility.

When you interact with more influencers and promote more brands, then you get more opportunities to reach a large audience.

How do you as a micro influencer? Here are some ways you :

1. Interact with other influencers on social media-

Whether you’re a influencer, influencer, influencer or an influencer on any other social media platforms, you should be following other influencers and creators in your niche or similar niches.

You try reaching out to them by complimenting their contents, asking them to collaborate with you. You try striking up friendships with them. Do not beg them for a follow! It makes you seem unserious.

When you’ve eased them into friendship, you ask for tips on how they get their brand deals. And no doubt, through networking with them, you’ll be introduced to other influencers and creators.

2. with brands-

Another way you on social media is to follow the brands you .

with them by showing them that you have an interest in their brand. Leave comments on their posts, send a nice message requesting to promote their products.

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Even if they don’t give you feedback, similar brands may notice that you have an interest in their type of , and may decide to reach out.

3. Access networking sites-

The internet has made it possible for influencers to connect with brands and other influencers. There are lots of networking sites dedicated to that.

Lots of influencer marketing platforms have databases of hundreds of influencers. Brands search through these databases to select the best influencers to promote their products. For instance, Plaqad, a leading influencer marketplace allows you to search for influencer directly on their platform

4. Attend events for influencers-

Believe it, events are organized just for the sole purpose of influencer networking. These events include brand parties, conferences, parties thrown by other creators, etc.

However you have to attend the event that is related to your niche.

For example, if you are a influencer, you should attend makeup launch parties, or if you are a cosplay influencer, you should attend one of these comic con events.

These events give you opportunities to connect and .

A lot of brands tend to host parties for influencers and creators, this is seen as a sort of marketing tactic. Some of these events are invite-only but you send an email to the brand’s PR person to ask if you attend.

Influencer networking is a major part of being an influencer or creator on social media, and all it takes is the willingness to reach out to as many other influencers and brands as you , and develop the time and effort to build .

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