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How To Win A Jumia Black Friday Product


Tips and guide to win Black Friday 2018.

1. Draft Your Plan Before The Time

Making arrangements before the time is very important as you know that a stitch in time saves nine. If your plan is get a Phone, you have to plan how you are going to do it. You can do that buy knowing the actual price of the product you intend to buy and scale your budget accordingly. As you know that gives you up to 80% discount.

2. Be Online Before The Time

You have to be online at least 1 hour or 30 minutes before the stipulated time as this will give you the chance to master things on the website. Black Friday is a matter of first come first serve so being punctual is one of the things that gives you a better chance of winning.

3. Use Stable Network

You have to know that using a stable network is very important in winning Black Friday 2018. It is advisable to use a 4G network while doing this. If the network in your location is not that stable, try moving to an area with a stable network and do that before the time as it is a game of first come first serve.

4. Master The Store

How can you easily locate a product that you intend to buy?  Will you just got to and locate a product? The key to it is by mastering the store. You have to know how they categorized their store so as to know which category the product you want will fall on. You can do that by taking you time to study their website.

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5. Follow Trends To Know Secrets Being Used

Sometimes, can be tricky on Black Friday but do you know that some people breaks through information before it is known to public.

Tips : Note that can place a particular product you are looking for in a different category.  I advice opening different tabs on different categories to easily locate the product. 

6. Get Your Money Ready

Some people will want to participate in Black Friday but will fail to get the necessary things ready. One of the things you have to get ready the money you are going to use while shopping.

7. Be Smart And Fast

Being smart gives you a better chance to win in a competition and being smart and fast provides you with the highest opportunity to win a competitive activity like the Black Friday 2018. Make sure you relax your mind when try find a product on . If you are disorganized, you can’t stay focused and get what you want.

That’s it on Black Friday 2018 and all the necessary information you need to know for now. Just like I said that I will be updating this page regularly with tips on how to win your way on Black Friday 2018.

These are the things you can do, leave comment(s), share this post on any social platform using any of the share buttons. Keep refreshing this page for an update.

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