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“I’ve Introduced Prostitutes To Big Men Of God” – Cossy Ojiakor

  actress, , has stated that it is unfortunate that believe that prostitutes would not make heaven.

during an interview with Saturday Beats, also disclosed that she has introduced prostitute to a  of owns a big .

She said:

“I know that a lot of look down on themselves because of the way they dress. They think they are destined for hell and that, cannot forgive.

I like to dress like them (such ) on  and preach, so they would know that forgives everyone. I just want to be a beacon of for all those that have lost . I have been with some ‘ of ’ and I know what they do. Some of them are devilish.”

“They with strange and dabble into unimaginable things. Sadly, some still fight for those type of individuals. A reverend father once grabbed my boobs and offered me money for .

I also used to introduce a lot of to a pastor owns a big . I have a good heart and try not to hurt . I think I’m an upright person, so i want to know that they get close to and be forgiven. Moreover,  came for sinners.”

also revealed that though she wishes to get married soon, she would not change her lifestyle to suit her . She said,

“I want to settle down but I am not in with any at the moment.

As a matter of fact, I may end up adopting a child, instead of having a baby for a I am not in with. I do not intend to change my life because of marriage. Nothing will stop me from being . My has to take me the way I am. I only stop because of and not because of any human being.”

“My with my ex-lover went sour because we allowed too many to have a say in the . Both of are on talking terms and I have asked him why he said some false things about me on .

He told me he had deleted the false claims from his page. When I leave a , I do not try to go back to him. I try to leave in and avoid being enemies with my past lovers. I guess he was just trying to get attention. I think he did that to me because he was still mad at me.”

“We had a little misunderstanding and the rule was that if one party offended the other, the guilty person would do a frog jump.

I also do it when I am wrong. However, he refused to do the punishment when he erred because his friends told him not to. But I have forgiven him.”

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