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Journalist Gbolahan Macjob Calls For The Prosecution Of DJ Switch

Gbolahan Macjob, a journalist working for in the has called for the prosecution of DJ Switch as he accuses her of lying about the Lekki Massacre carried out by military men.

It can be recalled that DJ Switch who was present at Lekki Toll Gate after the curfew imposed by the Governor, shared live feeds of a shoot out by the military and also victims who were hit by the shoot out.

Despite claims by the Governor of , of just one person dead, DJ Switch in a video posted on her page stated that about 15 people were killed and that bodies of the victims were carted away by soldiers.

Reacting to the claims, Journalist Gbolahan Macjob took to his page to accuse DJ Switch of fraud, as he called for her prosecution.

He wrote on his page;

DJ Switch is a fraud and her lies have caused a lot of destruction. She must be tried and prosecuted once the facts come out in the open. And let me assure you, she will not get asylum, regardless of her interview. Nobody likes being manipulated or used. The intel is out there and her game will be up soon. You guys realise there’s something called satellite imagery bah? And you’ve heard of Africa Eye ? have you not?
Okay we shall soon see how the dead bodies of the massacre were removed and why their family members are yet to come to demand their whereabouts. Lies kill more than guns.

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22 Responses

  1. Abdulsomad says:

    What’s this idiot saying fuck off wéré are you in Nigeria ni Oloriburuku somebody

  2. aloura says:

    Only God knows who’s saying the truth n who’s lying

  3. FEJIRO says:

    This life is short

  4. Enerieta says:

    No body is to be trusted

  5. Empire says:

    He is saying rubbish was he there when they were killing? Instead he should be the one that should be Prosecuted

  6. Davins says:

    God punish that man

  7. Davins says:

    God punish that man

  8. Okoro Samuel says:

    Very sad

  9. Faith says:


  10. John says:

    I can’t judge

  11. Daniel says:

    That is Life for u

  12. Davidson says:


  13. Free2threads says:

    They have given him money na. Why why won’t he be saying rubbish.

  14. Fidelis says:


  15. Happiness says:

    Let take this man to the station

  16. akanni peter says:

    Very sad

  17. Omotuolase says:

    All we want is justice

  18. Hypothetical says:


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