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Lady Brutalized For Stealing An iPhone 12 (Video)

A video of a lady being brutalized for stealing an 12 is now viral on the internet.

It was reportedly said that she stole an and she’s being punished by jungle justice.

Watch video below.

Your suggestions are needed, is the punishment humane or not?

  [Video] Fireboy DML - King

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20 Responses

  1. Free2threads says:

    That is too bad. They should have handed her over to the police

  2. His Anointed says:

    Too bad. In my own humble opinion, she would have been handed over to the police instead of all these ill treatment…

  3. Abdulsomad says:

    They haven’t scam u or steal your things before that’s why you are saying all these assuming you have fall victim of these evil people you won’t be saying the punishment given to her was bad

  4. Abah Oyame says:

    Who send am message….wat do people see in iphones sef

  5. Dera says:

    So shameful

  6. Fejiro says:

    Shameful thing

  7. Emmanuel says:

    She no get shame for herself

  8. Farida says:

    There’s a proper way to dealing with this case not exposing her private part. Those guys are just lustful n pervert. It wasn’t a private part she Stole. Are you saying that if we catch a man who stole a phone like in her case they should expose he’s private part publicly??? What a world that anyone can take extreme laws into their hands.
    Cause at the end of the day this guys may end up raping and that’s not a just punishment for phone stealing if we must all be honest likewise is castration for phone stealing if ot was a male who stole a phone be it 1phone or apple laptop

  9. Davins says:

    Rubbish take life people

  10. Promise says:

    Shameful thing

  11. Arisha Oluwatimileyin says:

    Welcome to Nigeria where you’re punished or possibly killed for stealing something not up to a thousand naira

  12. Gideon says:

    So shameful

  13. Davidson says:


  14. Daniel says:

    Very bad thing she did

  15. John says:


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