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Liberian Government Blocks Internet Against Anti Government Campaign

Authorities in have blocked the internet, in what is perceived to be a move to suppress ongoing anti- protests in the capital, Monrovia.

Netblocks, an organisation that monitors internet disruptions and shutdowns confirmed the shutdown on friday afternoon, saying access to social networking platforms , , , and had been restricted.

‘‘The disruptions affecting ordinary operation of the social media platforms have raised concerns of a state order to restrict the Save The State protests in Liberian capital Monrovia,’‘ NetBlocks said in its statement.

Organisers of the Save The State protests have mobilised thousands of Liberians to demonstrate against high rates of inflation and corruption in the country.

The protests are likely to be a a key test for , campaigned over the same issues in his ascent to , about 18 months ago.

The protesters are bracing for a possible violent showdown with security forces or even prolonged disruption.

The protests coalition calling itself the Council of Patriots,comprises politicians, professions, students and ordinary members of the public.

, in power since January 2018 is struggling to revive a country that is one of the poorest in the world.

He insists he is aware of the burden of ordinary , and improvement to health, education and roads remain his priorities.

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