Man Arrested For Touching Big Breast

Man Arrested For Digging Up Kobe & Gigi Bryant’s Grave

A man has been arrested for digging up a gravesite reported to belong to and his daughter, .

Back in February, Dailymail reported that the gravesite in Newport Beach is where Kobe and Gigi were laid to rest.

However, last Friday, a man was arrested and placed in handcuffs after he allegedly tried to dig up the gravesite.

MTO reports that  “the man snuck onto the private gravesite with tools and began digging. Police say that the man peeled back the grass and began digging – and he dug fairly deep into the ground.”

The publication has now released “exclusive images” showing police putting the man in handcuffs and taking photos of the crime scene.

The unidentified man had been seen wearing knee pads, and carrying equipment that he used to dig through the area where he believed Kobe and Gianna had been laid to rest.

“He appeared to focus his efforts on one particular corner of the area and what appeared to be rectangular cutting marks could be seen through the grass,” the publication adds.

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  1. Adedokun Israel says:

    That’s horrible

  2. Alabi says:

    Rubbish, all this money ritual self. I can say the end time is near

  3. aloura says:

    He get mind o

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