Big Bamzz Naija Week 2 Eviction Voting

Meet All 20 HouseMates Of Big Bamzz Naija

is an online reality show that allows five winners to bid for ₦200K (₦40K each) at the end of the whole show. There is ₦5K bonus weekly for the housemates that performs excellently in weekly task(s) given. Also, there are goodies for viewers and general audience too.

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Below is the list of housemates that meet the requirements on the photo above.

List of housemates:

1.  Adeleke Feranmi Israel (Israel)
: @FemzyMilli
: @FemziMilli

2. Fagbemi Esther (Esther)
: @Winkie_Stores
: @Fagbemi65400772

3. Ayeni Racheal Omolarami (Larami)
: @_Omolaranimmie
: @ONimmie

4. Adewole Emmanuel (Owowa)
: @iAmOwowaFundz

5. Mayor Mighty (Mayor)
: @iAmMayorMightyy
: @MightyToTheWor1

6. Lawrence Arowosegbe (Sir Law)
: @Simplyy_Lawrence
: @Sir_Law

7. Noah Iyanuoluwa (Noah)
: @NoahIyanuoluwa
: @NoahIyanuoluwa

8. Princess Eniola (Princess)
: @Princess226614
: @Princesswealth

9. Funmi Funtha (Funmi)
: @FunmiFuntha
: @Funmilolafuntha

10. Alalade Omotolani (Tolani)
: @Omotola_Emma
: @Real_Omotola

11. Agbai Nkiruka Merit (Mhizmerit)
: @MhizMerit21
: @Merit95974565

12. Loyalty Osinachi (Loyalty)
: @Sir_Loyal.ty
: @Loyalty62721838

13. Ajasa Bolu (Bolu)
: Bolu.watife_
: AjasaBolu

14. Tarfa Daniel (Danit)
: @Danit4Jesus
: @Danit4JesusiAm

15. Abiodun Michael (Mich)
: @Abiodunm.Ojo
: @OjoAbiodunM1

16. Folarin Ayobamidele (Dr Black)
: @Br_Blarck__

17. Bigi Akoko (Akoko)
: @Bigi_Akoko
: @Akokomedia

18. Daniel Love (Daniel)
: @Daniellove
: @iAm_Daniellov

19. Remy Castle (Remy)
: @Remy_Castle77
: @RemyCastle1

20. Falomo Opeyemi (Prime)
: @Prime_Cryme
: @Falomo_O_E

Congratulations and goodluck to all our housemates.

  [Music] Parlory - Money Play (M&M By Ffybi)

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  1. Tokunbo says:

    Have been following it I see Esther and Akoko has a popular guy and brand going far

  2. Alabi says:

    Good to know

  3. Alabi says:

    Good to hear

  4. wale says:

    This is nice oo

  5. Abdulsomad says:

    Nice one we move

  6. Empire says:

    Good luck to the housemates

  7. aloura says:

    All the best to the housemates
    U welcome

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  9. Phaevoh says:

    Will they contribute money for me?
    If not I no wan see dem

  10. DannyYhoung says:

    Nice one

  11. His Anointed says:

    All the best to you guys!

  12. Olabode says:

    Its alright!

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    Thanks for the update

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    It gonna hot

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    Nice one

  18. Davins says:

    Cool guys

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    Wow that good

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    That is very good

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  22. Vee says:

    Princess all the way

  23. Omotuolase says:

    It will be better if you have a graphics for all of them and their name

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