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Mother Of One Of The Peaceful Protesters Killed At Lekki Toll Gate Speaks Out (Video)

A who identified herself as the mother of Mmazuo Anthony Okechukwu who was killed at the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre has spoken out concerning the death of her son.

The mother who is based abroad narrated that she found out about her son’s death online when she saw his photo being circulated on social media despite claims made by the of no fatality.

She further explained that her 23-year-old son, Anthony died from gunshot wounds sustained at the protest in Lekki Toll Gate as confirmed by his brother who stays in Russia.

In a video posted online, she said;

First of all, I want to thank his friends who picked him up from when he was shot.

If it wasn’t for his friends, maybe the soldiers who picked up other corpses would have picked him up and say nobody died.

Those children saw when Anthony was running with gunshot wounds, they stayed with him.

She also called out to the for claiming no one died. She added;

I cannot fathom what happened. A lot of our children, a lot of our youths, killed. And you lot have the effrontery to come out and look everybody, the whole world, to say nobody died.

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25 Responses

  1. Abdulsomad says:

    Agony of motherhood may everyone involved in the Lekki Massacre knows no peace till eternity

  2. aloura says:

    God help us in Nigeria
    So sad n depressing

  3. FEJIRO says:

    Nigeria things are getting different we need god in this country

  4. Enerieta says:

    This in not good for Nigeria

  5. Empire says:

    Yet they said no one died.. liars

  6. Davins says:

    Hmm …may his soul rip in peace o

  7. Davins says:

    Hmm …may his soul rip in peace o

  8. Davins says:

    Hmm …may his soul rip in peace o

  9. Davins says:

    Hmm …may his soul rip in peace o

  10. Faith says:

    Rip legend

  11. Isaac says:

    Life is on God

  12. Okoro Samuel says:

    Hmm …rip to him

  13. Davidson says:

    Very sad one

  14. Daniel says:


  15. Free2threads says:

    May God console her.

  16. Fidelis says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  17. Emmanuel says:

    Rip very painful

  18. Scar says:

    Useless country

  19. akanni peter says:

    Very sad

  20. Omotuolase says:

    May the wrath of God fall on every ones that knows about the lekki massacre

  21. Hypothetical says:

    So sad

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