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“Nigerian Youths Are Majoring In Minor And Minoring In Major” – Elder Comr. Kikiowo Ayoade

“Nigeria will continue in its state of constant degeneration, declination and gradual breaking up, unless will the youth all start majoring in the major.”

There is a disease in the land, if we aren’t proactive to cure it, the country will die. The challenge of today is called oppression in a very civilian way, where the citizen is going through enormous challenges.

There are many proposed solutions to overcome this issue. I would like to talk about one that concerns me personally as a young man in this generation. Youth participation in Governance. As youths we can influence the aspirants with our contributions, the era of youths carried away with social media drama is over.

Statistic show of Nigeria’s population, an alarming 200 million with over 70% of the population falling between the age range of 18-35 years, our strength is in our number, and the number is what we should use to achieve the required change.

Change will not come by our non-participation in the political process, neither will change come via abusive and hate-filled social media messages. The notion that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow is no longer working and fashionable. This assertion has not made the youths to be only relegated and marginalized, but has made them to wait endlessly.

The old Nigerian leaders, who have ruled 30 years ago, are still the set of people ruling today, so when will the “tomorrow” of the youths come? The answer is: ‘tomorrow is now’ and we are the leaders of ‘today’ not ‘tomorrow’ anymore.

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We all agree that Youths should take up the responsibility of intellectually tasking aspirants and seeking accountability from public office holders, yet we don’t. It does so, rather we sing and chant praise of aspirants, Individuals whom they are unable to specifically identify with their agendas. We just bandwagon or worse say it’s none of my business. The problem is obvious, one-word Motivation.

What motivates Today generation, my generation, is the allure of quick wealth, the deculturalization of work, the pull of consumerism, Social media, pop culture and seemingly valueless cultures. Taken by this factors, we rather pursue actions, profession that offer quick gratification, we now cheat to pass exams, hating the stress of studying, we sell our dignity for money, we resort to get rich quick schemes, online fraud etc.

Corruption has thus become a way of life. ‘,My generation does not understand little drops; we want the river now.

Nigeria’s pre-independence struggle was championed by young nationalists like Chief Obafemi Awolowo (37yrs), Akintola (36yrs), Ahmadu Bello (36yrs) Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (34yrs) and Okotie-Eboh (27yrs), Dr. Nnmadi Azikiwe (40yrs) etc.

All these men were in the youth age when they stood to challenge authority and fight for freedom. But in recent time the story is not exactly the same. Greed, selfish ambition, lack of capacity and “over-competition” have weakened the ability of Nigerian youths to collaborate effectively and pose a united front to improve the well-being of all Nigerians.

Conclusively, we understand through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; rather must be demanded by the oppressed.

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Nigerian youths should understand that we are not in a rat race competition. We can coexist to ‘coopete’ – working together even when we have different targets and aspirations. We all need to start looking at ways we can collaborate as young people across political divides.

A new Nigeria is possible, if only we the youths can see clearly that the country needs our individual commitment as agent of transformation, we must not wait for one person to lead as vanguards for this struggle, we must all be our own individual vanguards for this struggle. Some youth already arise to the call of the nation, but they are just few titans fighting against all. To end it all, I love Nigeria, but I fear for Nigeria.

Yours for the cause of peace and brotherhood,
Elder Comr. Kikiowo Ayoade David.

Kikiowo Ayoade David is the President, Reformation Movement of Nigeria (FUTA), a nation building strategist, a unionist, policy analyst and a student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA.

Email: joykay02@gmail.com

Twitter: @Kikiowo Ayoade

Facebook: Kikiowo Ayoade

Website: www.ay4president.com.ng

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