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Ooni Of Ife Calls For The Scrap Of BBNaija

The , , has criticized the ongoing reality TV show, , and has called for the replacement of the show, saying it misrepresents the goodness and integrity of youths.

The monarch said this while interacting with youths in his palace as part of the celebration of International Youth Day, on Wednesday, August 12.

youths are fond of accusing and abusing our leaders. Stop abusing them and contribute your own quota. Let’s wear our thinking caps and begin to act like the real future leaders that we are.

In the last general election, the total number of vote cast was around 27 million while over 170 million people voted during the 2019 reality show. This is a practical reality of who youths are and where our priorities lie as Nigerians.

The funny side in all of these is that we still go to bed, have a good sleep and wake up with the hope to meet a Nigeria we didn’t create. Nigerians Youths! Nigerians Youths!! Nigerians Youths!!!

Unfortunately, every time I talk about this kind of attitude, everyone just laugh and move on. What kind of nation are we building?

When people say this country, or what kind of country is this, they are indirectly saying these people – it is the people that make a country; so what kind of youths are we?” the monarch asked.

He urged leaders of the National Youth Council of Nigeria to work out plans on the show.

“The proposed show will be structured in a way that young professionals, talented individuals and others across several field of endeavour will be showcased and helped to reach their peak.

This would help the participants and also help viewers to have access to people that can be seen as role models,” he added.

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54 Responses

  1. Gideon says:

    MADD ooo

  2. Olawumi Micheal Damilare says:

    I fully support

  3. Oversize says:

    Lol mad mad

  4. His Anointed says:

    I’m in total support…

  5. Olabode says:

    Wow! God bless Ooni for this, i support this motion!

  6. Davins says:

    I like this idea….our youth need to put on their thinking caps

  7. Jayford says:

    His excellency sir 🙇 is actually saying the truth 🤷🏾‍♂️ the youth of this days are just after their own pocket nothing more no thinking or plans for a better tomorrow for nigeria, dey gather as any amount of money dey can lay their hands on and some of them migrate to a better country.🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. Akinola Precious says:

    Nice one there

  9. Empire says:

    They should scrap it jere

  10. Omotunolase says:

    I support it

  11. promise says:

    Wow! God bless Ooni for this, i support
    this motion!God bless you for father

  12. Bright says:

    Wow nice one ooni of ife I like the way you take spark that English I support the motion joor the thing when them they do there na total rubbish

  13. Obat says:

    I see his point

  14. Biodun says:

    They should scrap this thing.

  15. Okoro Samuel says:

    I support

  16. Smiley 😊 says:

    True talk
    I support home jewe

  17. Kayte says:

    True talk

  18. Abdulsomad says:

    The king hit the nail but what are we to do when we are not allowed to talk I mean when they have totally hijacked our freedom of 🗨 Nigeria is just a cruise

  19. DannyYhoung says:

    Straight to the point

  20. Patrick says:

    Very true😂😂💔

  21. Alabi says:

    May God bless you

  22. Wale says:

    Very very true

  23. Olawumi Micheal Damilare says:

    I support your majesty

  24. Shyboss says:

    Baba agba

  25. His Anointed says:

    Agba…. I support you sir..

  26. Olabode says:

    Very correct sir…. This is in no way promoting morals to the younger generation…

  27. Bimpsy says:

    The show has it’s advantage and disadvantages too

  28. FEJIRO says:

    You’re on point

  29. Scar says:

    Why now??

  30. Enerieta says:

    Nice one

  31. FEJIRO says:

    Its okay

  32. Omotunolase says:

    I support

  33. Dee says:

    Dats very good

  34. Mazi says:

    I totally support

  35. Horreva says:

    I’m in total support of the ooni of ife right now cuz this show is really not driving home any positive lesson to this generation but rather endangering the minds of this ones and until something or someone realizes this thing soon enough, I guess we all have to prepare for an outburst of a rotten generation ahead.

  36. Pearl says:

    I’m in full support ooo

  37. Pearl says:

    It’s the truth.

  38. Ayanwale Mary says:

    I’m in total support of this

  39. Zee says:

    I Stan this

  40. Adeola says:

    Not bad

  41. okybrass says:

    That’s better

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