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PCN Complains Of The Domination Of Illiterates In Pharmaceutical Businesses In Kano

Pharmaceutical businesses in have come under scrutiny by the Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (PCN) as the council reports a large number of illiterates in the pharmaceutical business.

The council reveals that this trend has put the lives of many in danger, due to lack of know-how by the illiterates.

The discovery was made after a fixed inspection exercise in majority of the local areas in where 65 pharmacies and 931 PPMV shops were discovered to be owned by unprofessional people without any form of education.

Mrs. Anthonia Aruya, a PCN director explained that the council has sealed off 677 premises, comprising 41 pharmacies and 636 PPMV shops for not registering or renewing their premises licenses as required by the law bordering PCN mandate.

She said;

Observations from the field indicate that many stakeholders open medicine stores at will without recourse to regulations. Some could not write or read in English which makes one wonder how they are able to give the right medicines to the right patients.

Overall, there is a displayed lack of understanding of the fact that the handling of medicines is firstly a professional service before consideration of the business component. The PCN will follow the process through to provide required guidance to improve the level of service delivery in . Those affected will be corrected and guided and those who meet the requirements will be allowed to remain in the pharmaceutical business.

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