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Pope Jero Writes Open Letter To PDP In Ondo State

Open letter to the people’s democratic party in State.
1st of July, 2020.

I write to communicate with you through this missive and before I proceed, I would want to state equivocally that I am not writing this message because I am member of the People’s Democratic Party () nor to align with the political party. I am not a member of any political party and I have decided to write to this to the People’s Democratic Party () because I felt they needed my message at this point in time.

Firstly, I understand what it looks like to be out of government for four years especially to an opposition party and the disintegration it brings to political relevance of an individual or the party.

I have decided to write this to the People’s Democratic Party () not because I do not owe other political parties on high regard but I see the People’s Democratic Party () as the major opposition party in this forthcoming election in state.

If the People’s Democratic Party () wants to win the forthcoming election, then they need to put aside their self-interest and study the political atmosphere critically.

I will not shy away from the fact that the People’s Democratic Party () is an experienced political party in the state and they would understand my message without stress.

The forthcoming primary election is designed to fulfil a democratic obligation within the party system but it will be disastrous if the party fail to produce a candidate that is generally accepted by the people and most importantly the joint ticket to be flagged which is the main reason for writing this message.

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The People’s Democratic Party () has a lot of advantages at their disposal. They have two senators, six house of Rep members and recently the Deputy Governor of the state has just decamped to their party with his entire structures.

How does it sound if the People’s Democratic Party () still fail to win the forthcoming governorship election in state?

I am writing this as a young political analyst who want to express his political prowess without any personal or political interest.

Furthermore, the party elders should sit and ruminate on my message. The joint ticket is the key to the success of the forthcoming election. The joint ticket that brought the alignment of and as the Governor / Deputy governor of state .

To defeat the incumbent government, you need such an alignment with the unity of all the party members.

If the stakeholders fail to consider the victory of general election as their utmost priority and they concentrate on the instant cake. I would advice that they should collect what will sustain them for the next four years but the disadvantages is more than the advantages.

Finally, I believe my status in whatever regard is too low to advice the People’s Democratic Party () on any political affairs because there is always a big different between a rat and a rabbit. I want to apologise for my action and I hope you can see from my own point of view.

Fowobaje Oluwaseun Gbenga aka
Political Analyst

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  1. Abdulsomad says:

    Oh great

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    Yes, confirm

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    Nice and meaningful message

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    Makes sense

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    That’s nice

  8. Christian says:

    Hmmmm good message

  9. Jayford says:

    Encouraging write up PDP really need to up their games and strategy

  10. HFD says:

    Nice one

  11. His Anointed says:

    Great and thoughtful…

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  13. Zee says:

    Sensible people sha

  14. Pearl says:

    This is so thoughtful

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    This is an insightful piece…

  17. DannyYhoung says:

    Wow,what a great thought.

  18. Smiley 😊 says:

    Nice one

  19. davins says:

    What concerns pope with politics

  20. Abdulsomad says:

    Cool pope

  21. Efe says:

    Okay sir

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  23. Joshemick says:

    Uhmm… U av done wel Sir

  24. Akinola Precious says:

    All those ones don’t work

  25. Ayomide says:

    As if the words will change anything…. Everything has gone wrong already.

  26. Wumi says:

    welldone sir

  27. Tumzy says:

    He is very right

  28. Fejiro says:

    Nice you did a good thing

  29. Daniel says:

    Nice one

  30. Israel says:

    Nice talk

  31. Omotunolase says:

    That nice

  32. Folake says:

    Lol. That’s if they’ll listen 😂

  33. Ayanwale Mary says:

    I think he wants attraction, my opinion sha

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