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Pope Jero Writes Open Letter To the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki

To the :
Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The Incessant Killings Of Nigerian Youths By Nigeria Police Might Lead To Crises

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw”

Your Excellency, permit me to refer you to a book called “Birth Of A Nation” written by Nate Parker. Sir, I was able to deduce something pertinent in that book that when a man cannot longer bear oppression, he has no choice than to become outlaw.

If for the sake of freedom, a servant can kill his own master to overcome oppression, intimidation, victimization, brutality then Nigerian youths would be left with no choice than to the needful to stop this killings.

Even though the struggle was about the colour of the skin, it’s so unfortunate that the people who are killing us are not from another race, they are Africans. Your Excellency, they are not just Africans, they are Nigerians like us.

Most people joined the Nigerian Police Force due of lack of job opportunities and they Lack the enthusiasm to drive the policing ideology that protect the citizens, they Lack the core value in wearing that uniform and that why they have continually create an exasperating notion from the people.

Your Excellency, the incessant killing of Nigerian youths is looking like a project that must be executed, wrote Something recently, he said Maybe the has hired the Nigerian Police to reduce the population rate by killing the younger generation.

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said, “Nothing can stop an oppressed man from getting his freedom” and for us to get that freedom we would also refer to a word of Jnr that “Freedom is not Voluntarily given, It is demanded”.

Mr President, if it is not voluntarily given, then demanding for that freedom would be left with no choice than to go into War with Nigerian Police, that war might be the only solution if the needful is not done.

A wise man said “Without war there can’t be peace”. Nigerian youths have been pushed to the wall, if you cannot use your noble office to do the needful before leaving office before it would create an unforgettable scenario in the history of Nigeria.

The police reform nill must not just be sent into law but must be enforced.

“Education is the only weapon to change the world”. It liberates the mind and unplug you from any form of inferiority complex.

Education must also be made compulsory in joining the force, you can’t give an uneducated man a gun and expect him to follow the guide lines attached to the usage of that gun, why? Because he doesn’t understand the rudiment behind it.

There must be protocols that must be duly observed when it comes to handling the affairs of communities, you can’t just bug into a community without informing other stakeholders of that community in the name of distress calls without proper consultation. We now have vigilante who are in charge of communities, they are suppose to work hand in hand with the Nigerian Police.

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Late Kolade Johnson was killed for no single reason, another lady has just being killed of recent while the other guy shot is still battling with his life in the hospital.

What do we call this?

We have several unknown killings by Nigerian Police which are not made known to public, how do you expect youths to react to this? This is getting unbearable.

Your Excellency, I advice that the needful should be done with immediate effect before a revenge plan is carried out.

Thanks for your time.

Yours in service
Fowobaje Oluwaseun Gbenga
Uncommon Breed

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