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Rapture Date Revealed By Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has used Almighty Formula to calculate the date of rapture.

The founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, has caused mixed reactions on social media after he used some Bible verses to calculate date of the date the world will come to an end.

He said:

“If the Rapture doesn’t happen in 3 years, it will be 6 years, if does not happen in 6 years, it won’t exceed 10yrs”

See reactions below.


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43 Responses

  1. Ajao says:

    A haha hah
    May God help us all

  2. Abdulsomad says:

    Mtchew weytin Musa no go see for gate this Nigeria hun well God no go shame us one day shaa Naija go better but make i no lie u ó don tire

  3. Olawumi Micheal Damilare says:

    Scam date

  4. Happiness says:

    Wetin dey happen to Musa for gate

  5. emmanuel says:

    this is funny sha… most of the pastors in this country have misplaced their priorities. what do you think happens when one doesn’t have to worry about putting food on the table again? they start looking for other ridiculous things to fill their time with. This is exactly what pastor Chris is doing. If you believe him, then fine but don’t chastise others for not being like you

  6. Free2threads says:

    Rapture date bawo. Oga ooo

  7. Oluwadamilola says:

    Rapture date???
    Wen pastor turn God?
    God will help us oo

  8. Empire says:

    Formulas normally give a precise answer but he doesn’t have a given date he should jus calm down

  9. Omotuolase says:

    God will take control

  10. Richarlison says:

    Fake Forecasting

  11. akanni Peter says:

    For where na for your house abi

  12. akanni Peter says:

    For where

  13. Davins says:

    This Is crazy

  14. Louis says:

    No matter the situation
    we should never speak wrong of any pastor
    Being fake or original

  15. Itz Cj gold says:


  16. Jayford says:

    Leemaooo 🤣 pastor Chris seff dey fall my hand

  17. Fidelis says:

    Nobody knows the day of the Lord visitation so what is saying is totally wrong and fake

  18. Enerieta says:

    Hmm god go help us

  19. Hypothetical says:


  20. DannyYhoung says:

    Ok o

  21. Adeola says:

    Only God knows no man knows it

  22. Okoro Samuel says:

    Na only God knows wen ooh

  23. Alabi says:

    I don’t care about what people are saying about past. Chris but I will always support him

  24. Dee says:

    Orisirisi Sha

  25. Wale says:

    I pity those guys abusing the man of God. Don’t forget what is written in the Bible” Touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm. PST Chris don’t even give exact date self he said” If … “

  26. Daniel says:

    I just pray its doesn’t happen

  27. Bright says:

    He did not give a particular date he only said that if it doesn’t take place in three years from now maybe 6 or Even 10years I think he was only trying to tell the christian to be careful in anything theY are doing because no one know when he or she is going to leave this earth

  28. Horreva says:

    Christianity in mathematics, I can only say every mans rapture takes places once it is their time to leave earth..

  29. John says:

    God help us all

  30. Isaac says:

    Way d time no reach oh

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