[Mixtape] Bigbamzz – The Anthem (Hosted By DJ Able)

“Sacrificed True Love To A lifestyle I Never Could Imagine,You Only Live Once” – Future.

As prepares his next musical project, he’s been having baby mama drama for the last little while.

The situation was so complicated that even Wendy Williams made a chart to clear up who has had children with.

After the merry-go-round between the Wendy and , the artiste made a decision to focus on his craft again, saying that he can not argue with her because her feet his bigger than his.

Ridiculously, that was the reason for the beef’s dismissal. has been fairly silent since the issue, but he talked about his lavish lifestyle in a recent social media post, saying that he sacrificed true love in order to get to where he’s at.

has been alleged to have six different baby mamas and this has created somesort of confusion amongst his fans.

Who could have earned his true love, could it be be any of the six rumoured baby mamas or someone else entirely?

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