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SARS Operatives In Lagos Extort Woman Of Her Business Capital

Some operatives in Lagos have allegedly extorted a woman of her business capital.

In a video posted on social media, a woman could be seen crying out for help alleging that the officers waylaid her son who had gone to the market to help her sell some vegetables, and collected the entire proceeds of the sale from the boy.

She claimed they extorted him of N70,000 and that was the entire money she invested in her vegetable business.

According to the lady who posted the video, the officers accused the young man of being a yahoo boy before taking the cash from him allegedly.

She wrote:

It not been funny today,is such a pity this so called have put some tears into the eyes of a widow, this people harassed this woman’s son this morning, he was coming from oyingbo here in Lagos where he went to sell leafs for his mother..

It is so unfortunate that all the money he made from the market was collected from him at Mile2 from accusing him to be a yahoo boy. Now I’m asking,can’t young guys walk freely again?How will she feed her children

Watch the video.

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