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See How Zlatan Reacted After A Fan Said He’s Doing Giveaway To Trend His New Song, Of Lala

A user slammed on saying his giveaway was a scam and that he wanted to use it to make his new song, Of Lala trend. In his words the music was trash.

in response didn’t curse but gave an unusual response to the tweet. He wrote,

Send your account number make I send you 50k Thomas

Another fan in the comment section wrote that if the guy sent his account number that it was sickness he would use it on and replied; “You dey vex oo”.

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7 Responses

  1. Abdulsomad says:

    Med ooooooi

  2. Louis says:

    Nawa oo
    Make I go send my own 😂

  3. Henry marley says:

    Bloggers too dey poke nose

  4. alabi says:


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