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Spotify Owner Still Strong On Arsenal’s Ownership

fan and owner, Daniel Ek is a strong contender for ’s Ownership.

The Swedish born billionaire has posed a lot of interest in the takeover of the club and fans are pleased with what his plans towards the club.

Daniel has revealed some of his plans when he was interviewed.

He said “All I do is prepare a very thoughtful offer and they hear me out. I’ve been an fan since I was 8 years old. is my team. I want the club to do better. That’s my primary interest.”

Daniel Ek: “I have secured the funds and I want to bring a very compelling offer to the owners and I they hear me out.”

Daniel Ek on the Kroenkes saying they won’t sell: “I didn’t expect this would happen overnight. I’m prepared this could be a long journey. I am first and foremost a fan and I want the club to do better.”

Daniel Ek: “I the players and the fans. I have a real vision to bring the club back to it’s former glory. I want to engage with the fans. I am very serious. I have secured the funds for it. I want to put forward a compelling offer for the Kroenke’s to hear me out.”


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