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“The Ecology Of Politics And Power In Nigeria” – Pope Jero

The uniqueness about life is that change is constant but sometimes we change for better.

One of my foremost late mentor once said “You can kill the messenger but you can’t kill the message”.

The removal of by the Governor of shows that there is power in speaking the truth and that the truth is harmful even to the men in power.

The scenario only reveal that Gov Ganduje is weak and he could not contain the excesses of .

Apprentally, is known for his intellectual sagacity and the truth is, Emir has added value to that office. He attend functions home and abroad in his attire to speak about leadership, governance and Economics.

It was a fact that Emir wanted out of office during the second term re-election bid of Governor by supporting the candidate of the which brought about the loggerhead between them.

The alleged Governor who was accused of bribery seems to have this confidence that he would not be prosecuted and a lot of intellectuals find it unbalanced to see someone like him removing such a bright personality from his domain.

It would be said that has served as an Emir before and his records for speaking the truth would be remembered.

No can be long secure without a formidable opposition and that’s the joy of democracy

I know that difficult things take a long time; the impossible things take a little longer.

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have been given a freedom to check the other page of life. Power is ephemeral and those who get drunk by it get into bigger trouble at the end of the day.

“The greatest court that is greater than the court of justice is the court of conscience”
one of the Hymn says if our conscience does not blame us, we shall have a glorious rest.

Written by: Fowobaje Oluwaseun Gbenga

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  1. BELGRIN says:

    Good one Mr. President of FUTA 2014/2015

  2. Alabi says:

    Wao, very interesting. Thanks CEO

  3. Alabi says:

    Wao, very interesting. Thanks CEO

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    Nice one… Very interesting

  5. aloura says:

    Nice one… Very interesting

  6. Smiley 😊 says:

    All is well

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