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Ugur Sahin: The Hope Of A Coronavirus Free World

On November 17, 2019, the tried to quell a situation that was set to become one of the biggest nightmares of the 21st century.

With over 78 million infected around the world and over 1.7 million deaths, this dreaded killer shook the entire world. closed, commercial trades shut down, airlines unable to function as “Lockdown” became the world’s favorite new diction.

Amid all these the globes had to observe a new fashion trend – the face mask.

Over a year later after its birth, the vaccine for the was found. There is no cure yet, though many samples are suggesting to be. After a series of tests to confirm the reliability of the vaccine, it was concluded to be different from the rest. The Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine seems to be here to stay after being recommended by the World Health Organization () as well as many developed countries of the world like the , , , etc.

The ’s creating the of a free world, Ugur Sahin is one person everyone wants to know about.

Sahin is the founder of the Pfizer-BioNTech. He is a human and one could become one of the most celebrated in the world in a very short while. This superhuman is the brain behind the vaccine that is set to become one of the best medical victories of the century.

Ugur Sahin was born in September 1965 in İskenderun, Hatay, Turkey. At the age of four, he moved with his mother from Turkey to to live with his father, worked at the Ford processing plants in Cologne. In addition to soccer, he was keen on well-known books, which he acquired from the Catholic library. He passed on from the Erich-Kästner-Gymnasium in Cologne-Niehl in 1984, the primary Turkish visitor laborer kid at the academy. He took advanced arithmetic and classes.

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He grew up with the aspiration of becoming a doctor and followed his dreams of becoming a physician at the University of Cologne. In 1993 he received a Ph.D. in immunotherapy in tumor cells from the university.
During his work at the University Hospital of Saarland, Şahin met his wife, Özlem Türeci, in
Homburg. Dr. Türeci at the beginning had early dreams of becoming a nun and eventually finished her medical studies. In 2002, the married; they have one daughter. Shortly after their marriage, they took to the laboratory in celebration of their honeymoon.

Şahin is an Oncologist regards himself as an Immune designer attempts to utilize the body’s antiviral instruments to treat, for instance, malignancy when the insusceptible framework is generally unfit to battle it.

In 2001, Şahin and his partner, Özlem Türeci, co-founded Ganymed Pharmaceuticals. A company whose aim is in creating antibodies against cancerous cells. Ganymed developed the monoclonal antibody Zolbetuximab to be used against esophageal and gastrointestinal cancer. The company was sold to Astellas Pharma for hundreds of millions in 2016.

Sahin became the co-founder of the biotechnology organization BioNTech, based in Mainz, , and has since been its CEO. BioNTech focuses on cancer immunotherapies and other rare diseases.

BioNTech has been trying to find a vaccine for the disease since April 2020 under the supervision of Şahin and his wife Özlem Türeci is also a member of the company’s board of directors.

He joined an alliance with the U.S. drug organization Pfizer in fall 2020 and plans to gain endorsement for an antibody by the end of 2020. The organization detailed the feasibility of the BNT162b2 immunization in November.

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The vaccine, which was found to be 95% effective in trials, was designed by Ugur Sahin in one day: January 25 and has been tested on 43,500 .

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