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Villagers Cut Open A Python Who Swallowed A Man (Pics)

Here is the sickening moment a dead man who went missing on Sunday night, was cut out of a seven-metre long python’s stomach after being swallowed whole in a remote village on the island of west Sulawesi,.

A giant seven metre-long Python snake which swallowed an Indonesian man whole, has left some residents of a village with the grisly task of removing him from the animal’s belly.

Some gruesome photos which emerged online and have been circulating on social media, appear to show the moment Akbar Salubiro was pulled out from the reptile’s belly on a remote island.

According to , the 25-year-old had set off for work harvesting palm oil on the island of West Sulawesi, , on Sunday night. But when he didn’t return home, concerned friends and relatives began looking for him the next evening. It was learnt that they found the python lying in Akbar’s back garden with a giant bulge in its stomach on Monday night.
The locals gathered round as one man used an 18-inch long hunting knife to slice open the serpent – and claim to have found Akbar’s body inside.

Incredible footage shows the corpse being slowly removed from the killer reptile as the leathery skin is peeled away. While speaking with a correpondent, a neighbour identified as Satriawan who knew Akbar said:

“He was found in the location of the garden. Initially Akbar set out from his home to go to harvest palm, after not returning to his home people looked for him.’’

Local media reported that Akbar’s wife Munu was away at the time and only found out when pictures and video emerged in the news, adding that they believed Akbar was attacked from behind. Village secretary, Salubiro Junaidi said: “People had heard cries from the palm grove the night before Akbar was found in the snake’s stomach.

“When the snake was captured, the boots Akbar was wearing were clearly visible in the stomach of the snake. Resident cut open the belly of the snake and Akbar was lifeless.”

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