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Ways To Stop Masturbation

When most explain why is a sin, they on the lustful thoughts and intentions that are almost always associated with self-pleasure.

But just because the does not directly condemn does not mean it has not been forbidden indirectly. Oftentimes pastors and preachers in the Holy Bible speak in categories rather than in specifics.

So rather than listing every possible act that could be sinful, the Bible gives general boundaries in which we are to remain.

In a nutshell doesn’t support , it’s a sin to masturbate and when it becomes too much in a ’s life it definitely becomes an addiction in that person life.

Below are six ways you stop :

1. First and foremost you’ll need to stop watching pornography, it boost your to masturbated.

2. You’ll need to spend some time with cause when you are alone your thoughts pushes you to masturbate simply because you don’t have nothing to do.

3. You’ll need to stay off the internet for a little while because you might see something that’ll trigger your for .

4. This one is very important you’ll need to seek advise from professional, explain to them how you’ve been trying to stop and they’ll help you

5. Always go out and do some relax your mind and muscles. I tell you it one of the best remedies to stop the deep stuff.

6. This is also very important, you’ll need to pray seriously about it, ask to give you the grace to put a stop to it, help me have a change of heart. Help me deal with the deep stuff. Help me find better outlets. Help me find a way to talk my stuff out with someone.

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