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What Women Think As Against The Thought Of Girls

“Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence” – Thomas Szasz

Human mind is so powerful so much so that your thoughts can shape your feelings, your actions and everything around you. Thinking is a powerful phenomenon whether you are shaping your moment or shaping your lifetime. The real beauty is that thinking is a skill that can be developed throughout lifetime. The major building blocks for a refined thought process are; drawing from the wisdom of ages and modern sages. Yes, we are human being, the rational thinkers.

Thinking is a routine activity and we all think about almost the same event or phenomenon in a diverse way. The grown-ups () think; and the minors () are not left out. They all think, but the basis of what and how the though occurs is what matters most. Most and fall victims of abuse because they fail to think wisely.

are the adult female while the are the young . The age difference matters most. The and the think in a diverse way and therefore the need for different ideas comes up. Yes, thinking as against the thought of can be x-rayed in the following spectrums; life values, culture, civilization, managing affairs, an others.

The world has been in existence a very long time ago and the are also part of the long journey, they have went through a lot (in almost every of their life experiences) and can easily know when a problem arise, they have witnessed many experiences, they’ve learnt so many things and have always held onto the lessons learnt. on the other hand can be seen as amateur thinkers who feels much of themselves; feel like professionals due to their level of thinking which is most often than not, myopic.
The way you dress is the way you will be addressed, your behavior matters also. This amount to culture, the way of life. Most so much believe in culture and can do anything to uphold its standard. They dress according to the prescriptions of the culture, they monitor their behavior in a diligent manner but most believe in civilization which has turned everything upside down. They believe that dressing nakedly is the best option and abusing the culture is good – so far it makes them feel civilized. The think of modern civilization instead of cultural heritage.

  19-Year-Old Coronavirus Patient Raped By Ambulance Driver

You will agree with me that many are being able to keep their matrimonial homes because they are able to control themselves despite all odds. They are patient enough to manage their homes regardless of what happens but the way think is far more against the thinking of their adult counterparts. A is ready to stay for days without eating just because she was dumped by a , they can even go to the extent of committing suicide because they can’t manage the trauma in their relationships.

We will continue to witness this because of the fact that we are rational thinkers but a bold step need to be taken. The and the hold the same position in the country. Therefore, they should comply with each other in all values and ready to uphold virtue in all ramifications. After all, no nation can develop beyond the virtues and values of its female folk. Working hand in hand in order to maintain a stable community for the female is the undeniable obligation towards maintaining sanity in any clime.

Shuaib Lateefat Ayomide

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