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Woman Born With Both Male And Female Sexual Organ Tells Her Story (Photos)

Courtney Skaggs, an intersex born with testicles and a vagina has come out to tell her story and challenges she is faced with due to her rare body type.

In an interview, Skaggs, from California, who is a hereditary male but was born with a clitoris revealed that her body rejected her male hormones and she is currently living as an intersex following the intrusive medical procedure since she was a child.

Although she lives like a and has a vagina and a clitoris, she has never bled like other women.

Courtney was considered a by scholars soon after her birth due to her general appearance. At that time, she underwent medical intervention around the age of one and a half months to standardize her genitals by eliminating the testicles.

She is currently upset that such an important and revolutionary method has been implemented without her consent.

She said in a post;

When somebody decides to alter your body you are stripped of who you really are. That leads to mental trauma for a lot of people.

I don’t know where my gender ID would be if I didn’t have that surgery. I have been robbed of who I am from the core.

I was made to feel like I should hide who I really am for my whole life. I was forced into what was is accepted as the female definition.

I was born with sex traits that don’t fit the standard male and female, I have some characteristics of both.

We are neither male nor female, we are a hybrid of genders dotted along the sex spectrum. For me, I was born with testes, a vagina and a clit, and have predominantly XY chromosomes, typically found in males.

But my body rejected the male hormones and my body developed as female. I also don’t produce any oestrogen and I didn’t go through puberty like any of my friends, I have never had a period.

I grew up in a world where jokes were made about intersex traits so a lot of the time I’ve felt misunderstood and alone. I’ve spent a lot of time worrying if my body is normal.

I have been made to feel like a freak for who I am because there is a lack of acceptance and recognition in society for people like me. I have not been able to live my life authentically because I’ve felt like I have to hide who I really am.

I was pushed to fit into the female definition for most of my life. I have learned to love that I am intersex and that is something that should be celebrated, not hidden.

See some of her photos below;

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