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Woman Kills Five Of Her Kids And Attempts Suicide (Photos)

A horrific event has occurred in an apartment building in Soligen , of a took the lives of her five kids, then attempted to kill herself by jumping in front of a train.

The scene occurred around 2pm on Thursday, 3 September at a private apartment in Hasselstrasse street, in the western German town.

The Information of the alleged murder reached the , by the children’s grandmother called to inform them that her daughter, aged 27 had killed five of her children and was out of the with another child.

Upon reaching the crime scene, the sealed off the area, as the five kids aged 1,2,3,6 and 8 years were found dead.

The mother of the dead kids is presently in custody as she survived with serious injuries after jumping in front of a train earlier in the day.

Here are some photos from the crime scene:

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    Hardship everywhere

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