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Woman Spots Ghost Walking On Water In Philippine (Photo)

Shanel Guiterrez a Philippine has shared pictures of a that she reportedly saw walking on water.

She revealed that it was the soul of a drowned in the river recently as she released footage of the acclaimed -like figure which was seen over the water.

According to reports, the deceased by the name Dondon tried to spare a lost canine from drowning.

He was able to succeed in pushing the dog to safety however he found himself slipping into the same sea he tried to save the canine from.

Moments later his partner raised an alarm about the whereabout of Dondon because he had been missing for a while.

A rescue group was then called to spare him and it was in these nerve-gnawing minutes that the spectator asserted the white soul rose out of the water.

She said;

It was very creepy because I did not expect to capture that thing on my phone.

I know it was his . It gave me goosebumps when I watched it.”

It has upset the of the . They are so upset. I recorded the trying to save him and I didn’t expect to see that.

When I played it back, I caught something like a spirit walking on the water.

It had the shape of a .

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