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Young Wizard Crashes On Roof Top After Running Out Of “Fuel” (Video)

On Saturday, November 28, a young by the name Omamuyovwi was suspected of being a “wizard” after crash landing on the rooftop of a building on Okpokpor Street in Okpara-Inland in Ethiope-East, State.

The alleged wizard, Omamuyovwi confessed to being a wizard and turning several people unfortunate in the area. He stated that he had issues with a diety, igberhe juju who he was running away from after he went to secure power at his coven. Unfortunately for him he ran out of fuel and crashed on a rooftop with a N100 note in his hand.

Omamuyovwi was rescued by the street vigilante after he was flogged with plantain leaves and was almost burnt by the people in the community.

Watch the video below;

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18 Responses

  1. Okoro Samuel says:

    🙄omo na wa

  2. Faith says:


  3. Richarlison says:

    Na wa ooooooooooo… All is well

  4. Alabi says:

    God caught him

  5. Wale says:

    kai, Glory o God that reveal this

  6. Abdulsomad says:

    😂 😂 😂 😂 So wizard dey use fuel

  7. Abah Oyame says:

    He suppose carry extra fuel 😅

  8. Empire says:

    Even for spiritual realm fuel dey finish🤣

  9. Babarinde Fatiu says:

    Kai my salute to the wizards

  10. His Anointed says:


  11. Free2threads says:

    It is well oo

  12. Davidson says:


  13. Daniel says:


  14. Tumzy says:

    I don’t see that as a problem

  15. Hypothetical says:

    Wonder shall never end

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